Sponsor-a-Family Food Assistance Guidelines

    Call the Family Immediately!

    • Notify the family that you are sponsoring them and verify address and apartment number. People seeking assistance are eager to know if they will receive help, so please let them know as soon as you can!
    • Set delivery date and tell family someone must be home to receive items.
    • Verify family requests, sizes, dietary restrictions, etc., before you start to purchase items for the family.  Remember their suggestions are suggestions only; please use your discretion
    • Inform them that they must contact you if there are any changes to their address and/or phone number prior to delivery date.
    • Call a day or two before delivery to remind them.
    • You are welcome to send or deliver grocery cards, but please check with the family to ensure they can get to the store and notify them about how you plan to get them the grocery gift cards.
    • Take a friend with you when you deliver the food and/or gifts.

    Problems Contacting or Communicating With the Family?

    • Notify WFCM if you are not able to reach the family.
    • If you have trouble communicating with an adult, ask to speak with a child to help you translate. Often the children in school are fluent in English.
    • WFCM staff is available for translation services if you need help communicating with your family.

    General Guidelines for Spending on Meals:

    Singles: $25; Family of 2-3: $50; Family of 4-6: $75; Family of 7 or more: $100.

    Food Basket Suggestions (Families Also Welcome Grocery Gift Cards!)

    • A sturdy basket/box such as a plastic crate, laundry basket, storage container, heavy duty cardboard box, or reusable shopping bag
    • Turkey, ham, chicken or grocery store gift card to purchase meat (check first for dietary restrictions!)
    • Lettuce, celery, onions, potatoes (white/sweet)
    • Apples, oranges, or other hardy fruit
    • Rolls or bread and margarine
    • Stuffing- box/bag
    • Cranberry sauce
    • Gravy
    • Canned vegetables and fruit
    • Pies, nut breads, crackers, cookies
    • Baby food if there are babies in the family
    • Any other goodies you think children might enjoy, such as macaroni and cheese
    • Apple juice or other fruit juices

    If you have questions…

    Email Jennie Bush